Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Our sunday started WAY too early. 5 am, to be exact, so we had enough time to get to Olathe for the Bike Source triathlon. Temps were pretty warm and the water was a balmy 70 degrees, but still cool enough for me to don my wetsuit. Tip: when they say practice with a wetsuit before using one, you should do just that. Another tip: BBQ and onion rings at 9 pm the night before a race is not a good idea. I wanted to hurl through the entire run. But all that aside, I finished somewhere around 1:20, which is a personal best by about 7 min. I haven't checked the reults so I don't know my exact time or place.
No rest for the weary. After a good nap, we ordered our faucet fixtures and floor tile, and then went back to the house. Our goal was to demo the rest of the bathroom tile and floor. As this picture shows, we had quite a bit of rotten backerboard. A giant centipede crawled out while I was pulling tile off. Luckily John was there to squash it for me. Gross.
A very tired John happy to have the tub out and all ten fingers. A little smashed, cut, and bruised, but they are all there.
Well, I guess we have to start putting it back together there isn't anything left to demo. We were going to try to salvage the tub, but when you put this much time, energy (and money) into something, you don't want to cut corners. Oh yeah, it got a little beat up in the tile removal process.
Our Lady of the Blessed Demolition, the patron saint of home remodling.
Hmmm, the dumpster is larger than the bathroom yet we have managed to fill it, interesting?

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