Thursday, May 29, 2008

Big progress, bad pictures

Ok this is what our floorboards and roof decking are made of, 1 5/8" thick tongue and groove planking. That should hold more than enough weight. This hole is from the old toilet. The plumber came today and moved the toilet and the sink services so we can swap them. Our water pressure was too high so we had a reducing value put in.
Bad picture but you can see where the toilet used to be and where it is now. We couldn't go any closer to the tub since there is a load bearing joist down below. Some of the old plumbing was ABS which is not allowed by code anymore. The plumber spliced in new PVC for the sink drain and the tub.
Here is a better shot. When there aren't many walls lots of stuff needs to be in the same place. This ugly mess should be covered up soon. You can see where an old owner must have drilled a wrong hole for the toliet location, oops.
Now that all of the plumbing is completed we can drop in the tub and start laying tile.

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