Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's too hot

Sunday started a little later than we wanted due some festivities over at Jared's saturday night. Once we got going it was a productive but hot day. Trying to work with the cats around has been interesting. They are filthy. Hmmm paw prints in fresh paint, I guess it could be worse.
We haven't gotten around to cleaning the fireplace. Portland's feet are black.Sam continued hand-sanding the door. It is looking pretty good but the other half hasn't even started.
The bathroom vanity after pulling off the clamps and cutting holes for sink access.
John spent the day 1. sanding drywall compound, 2. spray texturing the walls, and 3. painting. We had to turn the air off and open the house to get some fresh air in. Today was in the mid-90's and painting in a hot house is not fun.This evening we mounted the vanity light. Boy it is starting to look like a bathroom.
Here is one of the last shots of the bathroom from the living room. Now that everything is painted the glass panels can go up.
John moves in for good on Thursday so there is no excuses for not getting work done now.

Furniture, furniture, and more furniture

Saturday was a big day for wood working projects. Since the bathroom floor tile won't be in until next week we used this weekend to finish up some projects. The last of the drywall compound got put on first thing saturday morning. John finished cutting the pieces for the bathroom vanity.
The assembled vanity. It is going to get stained cherry and have walnut drawer fronts.
Sam spent the day stripping our architectural salvage door. Why anyone would paint over a really nice oak door is beyond me.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

It was bound to happen

Last week, after a long day at work, I came home for a quick run and then met some friends out for a drink. I grabbed my purse and keys, turned the lock and left. I got home about 11, shut the garage door, reached for my keys and realized my house key was sitting on the counter where I left it after my run. Damn. I called John and he called a 24-hour lock service. About 2 hours later he finally showed up. He couldn't get the door unlocked so he had to drill the lock. At 1:10 am and $120 later, I finally went to bed. Too much excitement for a Thursday night.

Last weekend we finally picked out our floor tile and I ordered it on Monday. It won't be in until next Tuesday, so there's at least one more week of blue flooring.

This week I have spent my evenings sanding and priming the bathroom. You can see a few areas on the ceiling I had to resand and re-mud after I put the primer on. Don't get me started on drywall tape. I may poke your eye out.

It's actually starting to look like a room now. I have to reprime everywhere I sanded and the beams need another coat as well. I bought heavy-duty primer that seals in stains for the beams. After 2 coats of primer, they're still yellow. Hopefully this stuff does the trick. I would guess by the end of the weekend we'll have some real progress made.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a pain

A whole weekend of work and not much to show for it. Sam spent the weekend doing drywall compound and getting us closer to painting. The ceiling will get sealed and the beams got painted white. The little things take the longest with not much change.

A current shot of the bathroom. The closet got painted and we finished the floor tile backer. The plan is to get floor tiles ordered this week and to get the bathroom tiled next weekend.
Last week John was at a workshop in Chicago and stopped by IKEA to pick up an entertainment center and bed. Now the tv doesn't have to sit on the floor. The pieces to fit the glass panels in the hole are finished so that can get installed when the drywall compound is finished.

Monday, July 7, 2008

2008 Psycho Psummer Race Report

Saturday July 5th I did the psycho psummer trail race sponsored by the KC trail nerds. The options were 15 miles or 50 k (31 miles), I did the "short" run. The course was very steep hills and muddy sections. I managed to loose a contact in the first mile so miles 2-5 I ran really close behind other runners since my depth perception was challenged. About mile 5 I noticed the contact stuck to my shoulder, crusty but intact. I popped it in my mouth, back in my eye, and I was back in the race. Once I was seeing again no one passed me the rest of the race. Overall this was probably the most fun I have had at a race, the trail was interesting, temps were good with shade, and the aid stations were well equipped. I ended up finishing in 2:58 and 22nd out of 51 for the men. Although I am sore, maybe next year I will try the longer event.

There were only a few presents left from the horses which gave the mud an interesting texture.
This was more of a flatter section. I didn't fall down or up any hills which means next time I should go faster.
I lightly sprained my ankle near the end but still managed to pass a few people. What you can't see in this picture it that I am covered in mud from mid-thigh down.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fireworks, beer, brats, and drywall

This weekend Elizabeth came to visit so we spent most of the time doing the tourist thing in KC. Saturday morning John did the Psycho Psummer 15 mile trail race and Sam did a 56 mile bike ride.
After all of the exercise Sam continued mudding drywall.
We also finished installing the tile backer board on the floor so it is starting to look more finished.
All of the tiling is completed and grout sealed. The shelf is made out of a scrap of glass from the new wall.
We stopped by architectural salvage and picked up a door for the bathroom. It is a six panel solid oak door that will get refinished and stained.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Views from the Kohler showroom

Since we live here now it was time to get the shower up and running. Yesterday I sealed the tile, installed the fixtures, and put in the curtain rod.
These are sooooo nice.
The tile is green and blue with an iridescent sheen. In every picture they look a little different depending on the light.
The curved shower curtain rod is a nice touch.