Monday, September 17, 2012

Harvest Monday

The garden is hanging in for at least one more harvest monday. The weather has cooled off and the garden has bounced back for the most part. The tomatoes aren't pretty and suffering the effect of the heat and drought, but are still producing. The pill bugs are eating any of the big tomatoes. It is funny because they leave the San Marzanos and cherry tomatoes alone.

A volunteer Mexican sour gherkin decided to show up a couple months ago. It is now holding up a number of the tomato plants. I might just plant these around the tomatoes next year for support. 

The garlic has been curing in the garage for a few months and is absolutely perfect for cooking. The flavor is nice and mild and we have plenty.

The basil has started to go to seed so I picked a few bowls full before it goes away. I made a couple batches of pesto. I received a tip from a neighbor that pistachio substitutes well for pine nuts. Pine nuts are really expensive and Trader Joe's has hulled pistachios for $4.99 a bag. I made some with the swap and can't tell a difference.

The tomatoes and a bunch of the basil spent a good portion of the day getting reduced on the stove. It ended up making 4 pizzas worth of very good sauce. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mid-Century Bassinet Finished

I am starting to think the list of projects that need to be completed before November isn't going to get finished. One of them that is pretty important is the bassinet. I randomly painted some of the pieces orange to liven it up.

We have this stencil in the second bedroom and I thought it would be appropriate if the munchkin has to look at a Frank Lloyd Wright design. 

Don't ask me why but I decided to skip any screws, nails, or other hardware on this. Everything fits together with just tabs. The starburst design is inspired by the Nelson ball clock. 

The trailer is progressing along at its allotted four hours per month. If it seems dark, it is. I got a few more ceiling panels installed and started framing out the closet. Once the closet is installed we can start thinking about seating and finish the interior paneling. The plan is to be wiring by the winter.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Google Really Loves the Shasta

I was looking for a location on Google maps today and ended up going over our house. The last fly over was about a year ago when we had the trailer sitting in the driveway.

And they even took a look from streetview.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shastoration Saturday

Hurricane Issac brought us some much needed rain, which let me get some more trailer work finished. I installed a few more body supports and interior skin and managed to get some painting completed in preparation for the kitchen cabinets. The lower kitchen cabinet is installed. Laminate showed up this week so we can get the top finished and get the sink in. After some looking and debating we ended up sticking with the original sink. It is in really good shape and will be one of the few original pieces.
For laminate we went with Arborite textured light blue.
The drawer pulls are reproductions of the original style from rejuvenation.
This is probably one of the last views from outside. After the closet is installed I can button it up.