Friday, June 18, 2010

Mumford and Sons

Wednesday was a long day. Sam got tickets for Mumford and Sons at the Record Bar. The show sold out immediately, to scalpers, but she tracked some tickets. The beer was cold and the bands were awesome. Mmmm Schlitz on tap.
Mumford and Sons is out of the same studio as the Arctic Monkeys in London. This little (maybe 500 people) show was the only stop close. Who knows when they will be back and it won't be in that small of a venue. It was hot and the sweat towels were well used.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's Up

It's hot and we are taking it easy, that's what's up.
After the party Sam headed back to Wisconsin for a pretty hard funeral. While there she took second place in a 5 mile Dairyland days race.
On a more uplifting note. I think we are going to more shows this summer than the last 5 years combined.
Last night we saw the black keys at grinders. Mumford and Sons, Sublime, Ben Folds, and a good dose of BB's blues are on the schedule.
The garden is doing well and getting big. Our lettuce was doing so well and I was getting ready to harvest and this. I came out one morning and everything was gone. Little green inch worms ate all of the lettuce. So the lettuce and spinach has been removed for the hot season and replaced with bush beans.
Home depot on Metcalf, a mother duck with 12 ducklings. They walked right through the parking lot.

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Tiki Time!

We did it. The housewarming/tiki party/summer kick off party is in the bag. From what Sam tells me, everyone had a pretty good time. Grab a lei and let's get going.

James came over at noon to start cooking food. Huge thanks to him, without James we would just have had chips and cookies. He made all the dough for the pizzas by hand and then stood all night cooking for people. Last winter he was in a car crash and shattered his pelvis. So him standing the entire night in the kitchen was awesome. Sam made tons of potato salad, some really good orange macaroons, and lots and lots of salsa. Chris smoked the pork butts in his green egg. Big thanks to everyone that helped with food.
The calm before the storm. Saturday was in the nineties. I think we ended up going through 500lbs of ice keeping the keg cold.
We ended up having over 50 people swing by. A good time was had by all. Between the patio and the kitchen everybody fit. A front moved through later in the evening and brought cooler temps. The lightning got close, but it didn't rain.
Jenn and Ian made it even though the next day they were moving to Hawaii. Rob made it too before he headed to Germany. We love making friends with the people at school up at Leavenworth, but they all have to leave after a year. Good luck!
Brett brought his guitar and ukulele. The tunes were a blast and much appreciated. Notice the keg floating. Yep, it didn't last past ten o-clock. Good job everybody.
Shelley and Matt enjoying the festivities.
Lisa wondering if this story could get any better. It probably was well-thought out, concise, and totally understandable.
Yep, Mike finished the keg. Who's living the high life now?
Is that cold red wine in a plastic glass. Kelley is a classy girl what can I say?
I guess we started a fire at some point.
The hostess looking very festive.
Luke looking very surprised after seeing what is next. Mark thinks ewe's not fat, ewe's fluffy.
The aftermath. Of course by the time I woke up things were pretty well cleaned up.
Natrons little brother Jimmy Neutron.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Party Prep

We spent Memorial Day weekend running, biking, working in the yard, with lots of grilling out and drinking mixed in. Sam attacked the back patio and won the war over the weeds. We have been having no success getting things to grow in the patio beds. Between wet soil and slugs everything looks pathetic. We made a trip to soil service and Sam replaced everything.
I put in a few beer traps for the slugs. Hopefully they are shallow enough that we don't lose Jerad too.
Respectable once again.
I managed to finish the concrete patio table.
Monday night we had to see if it worked. It did.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Playing Some Catch Up

Our computer computer isn't doing well and seems to be fighting getting better. So updates from the weekend may or may not be coming shortly.
The end of last week I went to Newport for my brothers graduation from Navy official candidate school. He was one of the few that made it through in 12 weeks. Most people end up getting hurt or sick and roll to the next class.
While there I saw the most amazing thing. I had to try the world's best hotdog.
They were pretty good. Although I think the world's best title is more of a "you can't prove it isn't the world's best" title.