Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Coming soon...

A beautiful 2-bedroom, 1.5 bathroom house in Prairie Village will be coming to the market soon. Located close to Shawnee Mission East High School and the Prairie Village shopping center, this mid century modern gem could be yours.  A private backyard adjacent to Brush Creek features a sunken patio.  The garage is probably one of the largest in PV - 6 cars total!  You better hurry, this won't be on the market for long! For more information contact Bob Myers

OK, sales pitch aside, we are selling the house.  Things have been more than a little crazy around here but the big news is...


We found a 1950s ranch on an acre just south of here for a steal.  But it's rough.  Really rough. So you can look forward to lots of new pictures and projects.  This house is going to make the work we did on the Roe Circle house look like child's play. Seriously.  But an acre. John is already dreaming about getting a tractor.

This just goes to show you that sometimes things don't work out for a reason. Two months ago, we were in full addition mode and hadn't even considered the possibility of that load being denied.  And now we're tackling a project even bigger project.  We're very excited about the new place: it's bigger, no stairs, huge open family room, an acre lot, unlimited potential for MCM cool, and an acre. It needs a ton of work, but it has good bones. Did I mention it's on an acre?

Things are moving fast, to say the least.  We close early March but will need some time to get the bathroom fixed (there is duct tape in the shower, I kid you not) before we move in. Winston will be swinging a hammer in no time.  Stay tuned, the inspection is on Thursday and we should have some pictures to post after that.

But seriously, if you or anyone you know is interested, please contact our realtor or pass this information on. We've been told our house should sell fast, but the more interest, the better.  If you don't want to scroll back to find house pictures, here's the link to when we were on the KC Modern Homes Tour in 2009.  Not much has changed other than the furniture.