Monday, May 19, 2008

Let the shopping begin!

Now that everything is torn out, we have to start putting it back together. Not much will get done this week, but we have started shopping, so here are some picture of what we're using. This is going to be the tile in the tub surround and for the sink backsplash. (Click on the picture to see better detail) It's 100% recycled glass as well.

We ordered new fixtures for the tub before we decided to replace it, but we would have went with the same style regardless. This is a Kohler from the Purist line.

This is the sink faucet, also from the Purist line. We will have two faucets in a trough-style sink, made of concrete of course. John will have more details on that later. The floor will be 12" tile for the most part, white with light gray veining. Then we're going to put this pebble inlay in part of the floor as well. I have a feeling by the end of this, we will be experts at laying tile.

My last two tasks for the day are to order the new tub and to check on the house to make sure the dumpster was picked up without incident and water the plants. The plumber will be in as soon as our valve for the shower shows up and then the real work begins!
As far as my race results, I still don't have any. There was a mix up with the timing chips and to make a long story short, they will post my results and update the master sheet later tonight. At least I didn't get disqualified! By my time estimation, I finished at 25/57. Not bad considering I wanted to throw up through the entire run!

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