Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby steps

Well, our plumbing hardware and wall tile arrived. The floor tile we originally ordered was discontinued so we were given a refund on that. Good news for us since we decided to go with something simpler anyway. Here is a picture of the wall tile out of the box. Very cool. We scratched the river rock as well. It was much bigger than I had expected and we have a lot going on in the bathroom already. Hopefully we can use it somewhere else in the future.

I spent last evening at Home Depot trying to pick up our order and then I mudded everything that I could in the house. I think my technique is improving. If you're looking for cheap entertainment, stand in line at the Home Depot service desk. I love old Italian guys.

Our plumber is at the house as we speak. We will be fitting all of the small drywall pieces in on Friday. The tub should show up on Saturday so then we can start laying the subflooring and tile backer. Things are starting to take shape!

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