Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mid-Season Garden Status

We are right in the middle of tomato and pepper season. So far it has been a very good season. We have been warm and relatively wet. Actually more than relatively wet, I have only watered 3 times. I have managed to can tomato, jalapenos, and pickles. This is just a portion of yesterday's haul. The little red peppers in the lower left are funny. We don't get enough sun to grow full-sized bell peppers so I planted a miniature version. They are exactly the same as a regular red bell, just small. This picture doesn't even include all the Anaheim and Poblano peppers that need to be roasted and turned into sauce. Currently we have peppers, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, basil, and beets. Pretty soon it will be time to start fall lettuce and spinach.
Our tomato selection this year has been pretty spectacular. Most if not all of these will be planted again next year.
- Striped German (pink)
- Wasipinicon Peach (yellow)
- Cherokee Purple (black)
- Black Krim (black)
- Sungold Select (orange)
- Black Cherry (black)
- San Marzano (red)
- Money Maker (red)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Wait, Project Started AND Finished

Well with the trailer, various house projects, garden, and a baby, we have more than a few unfinished projects around the house. One of the projects is to get the side deck usable for coffee, reading, etc. Earlier this spring I planted some night blooming Jasmine (don't ask me why), and it was really in need of transplanting. That was motivation to build a screen/trellis to provide some privacy. The back planter will get one as well to block the air conditioner. Sam is refinishing the chairs and sewing some covers. The table will also get a new top.

The boards are offset opposite front to back so we can thread the Jasmine up as needed. I'm surprised, these were only in 4 inch pots to begin with and they got quite large. Given some space, they should cover the screen by the end of the season.  

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shastoration Thursday - Mood Lighting

The electrical wiring on the trailer is in full swing. Most of it is probably pretty boring unless you are an electrical engineer or need to ride out the zombie apocalypse. One thing important in the apocalypse is to have low draw, dimming lights. I mounted remote controlled LEDs at the very bottom of the benches. When they are off you can hardly tell anything is there. There are pretty cool and can do a full range of colors and brightness. At night it will be nice to turn the lights down and relax.
 Or you can do a disco dance party with flashing lights.
The benches have been trimmed in 1/2 inch aluminum angle.

And wiring continues.