Monday, August 23, 2010

A Busy Weekend

This picture is like those out of focus Sasquatch pictures. I come home from work on Friday and can't believe what I am seeing. I quickly took a picture. Notice the tortoise-shaped spot halfway up the fence. Yep, Hank has learned to climb a fence. Although he can't negotiate the up and over move and just falls off.
He falls off and then lies on his back to catch his breath before another go.
Friday night Kelley instigated some shenanigans down at the power and light. Sam rode 30 miles on Saturday and 50 miles on Sunday and was sore from bull riding the entire way.
Sunday I did the Jackson County triathlon. It was a short one with a 0.6 mile swim, 25 mile bike, and 5 mile run.
It was a little foggy at the start and kind of hard to see the buoys.

It was a 2 lap swim. You have to get out and run to the start, kind of strange.
It was a really nice day for a ride.
This was the first time Sam has watched a triathlon. The non-athlete spectators are entertaining.
Sam made some blueberry scones which were great racing fuel.
The latest experiment. I am trying to ferment pickles. We will see how they turn out. There are lots more cucumbers in the garden that need to find a home.

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