Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dishwashers, baklava, and a tortoise

Wow, it's Thursday already. We have been pretty busy hence the late post from last weekend.
In an effort to be greener we are trying to convert Nera to solar power. Sam thinks her light color allows more solar efficiency.
Hank was living in the back patio until I read that elephant ears and ivy are toxic to tortoises, oops. While not much work I fenced in around the garden to make our very own tortoise run. He seems to be enjoying the stray tomatoes that fall off.
He likes the mulch and has made a nice burrow.
Eric helped me pickup our new dishwasher. Portland supervised installation.
Now I don't have to spend half an hour every morning doing dishes.
In an effort to make enough dishes to try out the new dishwasher, Sam decided to make a simple dessert. Turns out baklava is a little bit more time consuming than the internet recipe said.
Portland still supervising.
Saturday was Greek night over a Jerad's. The baklava turned out well. We also made a greek salad with tomatoes, feta, chick peas, and Penzey's Greek salad dressing. It was good too.
Sunday Sam made a really good pork tenderloin stir fry with quinoa.
Summer is quickly drawing to a close. I have to start thinking about home projects that need to get finished before winter. Not a comforting thought.

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