Monday, August 2, 2010

Ah, The Smell of Bleach

It's hot, really hot. Yep, same as last week and the week before. Summer is fun but we are ready for some cooler weather. We both biked and ran in the heat getting ready for the next set of races. Saturday was a relaxing day spent at the pool drinking beer and floating.
I have to warn you the following images may be disturbing. To help soften the blow I have some nice flowery pictures.
I canned some hot pickles and peppers this weekend.
This was my first attend. Everything seemed to go ok, we will see in a month.
Here is the scene of the crime. This winter the dishwasher froze. It stopped working and then just started working after a couple weeks. Before the party it stopped working again.
Recently we have noticed the trim looking kind of rotten. I didn't want to deal with it before Italy and it took this long to get my courage up. So I this weekend I pulled out the dishwasher.
Yeah, this is kind of what I thought. Looks like that when the dishwasher froze it split the fitting and started slowly dripping. A slow drip over a few months feeds lots of mold. Mark came over for some warranty work and help get it pulled out.
Pretty gross and smelly.
Some scrubbing with bleach and a fan made it look much better. Luckily the mold hadn't spread too much and nothing else will have to come out. Maybe next weekend we will track down a new dishwasher.

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