Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I can't believe it is already August. The summer is slipping away fast. We had some tomato-related structural damage in the garden. A couple of the tomato plants broke their metal stakes. The cucumbers didn't take to the roof and instead headed back into the tomatoes. So when I go to pick a tomato sometimes I get a cucumber instead.
Happy jalapenos.
We even have a few green peppers.
Has anyone seen six foot tall peppers? Here you go.
I found this guy eating the carrots. It looks very similar to a monarch butterfly caterpillar.
We are getting hot peppers daily now.
Here is our state of make-shift structural support. 1 cage, 1 small stake, 1 large stake, and 1 wooden support. These are barely holding up the tomatoes. Next year calls for drastic measures.
Sam made some great pico this weekend with the garden haul.
The littlest munchkin bike is up and running. I am planning on getting it finished in the next week or so. If, we can keep from racing it against certain lawnmowers.

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