Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Haul

The garden has gotten huge and is producing lots of vegetables. We have been trying to eat out less and last weekend we stayed home and cooked. After watching some recorded food network, Sunday I stopped at what seemed like every grocery store in town. We ended up having catfish ceviche, buffalo tacos, tilapia tacos, chocolate cake, and couscous salad. Saturday night wasn't a bad night to stop by our place. Sam put together the couscous salad which turned out great. It was couscous, black beans, corn, red pepper, cilantro, lemon juice, lemon zest, and champagne vinegar. Those were some great leftovers.
Every couple days we get a haul from the garden. This was yesterday's. We have been drying lots of basil, eating copious amounts of cucumbers, and finding creative uses for Roma tomatoes. We have gotten three pickings of beans from the first plants and the later plantings are now producing bean too. The summer squash is producing a few. We are a couple weeks away from having lots of hot peppers. Like last year, we can produce hot peppers but are having trouble with bell peppers.
Other than a few giant green heirlooms that we picked early, none of the other tomatoes are ready yet. Thank god, I don't think we could handle anymore tomatoes right now. 30 a day is enough.
This weekend I hopefully will have the courage to pull out our dishwasher. It stopped working and the floorboards and trim are rotted and mold is everywhere. So I am fortifying the blog with pictures of green things, since I have a feeling this weekend will not be so happy. Wish us luck.

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