Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just In Time for the Weather to Change

Well maybe not just yet, although this weekend was pretty chilly and we did get the fireplace running. The projects this weekend seemed to take much longer than anticipated. I was gone last week so the bed hasn't been progressing very fast. Maybe I can get it finished by next weekend. I got half into the fireplace last weekend and figured that needed to get done as much as anything else.
The old "realistic" gas log.
Our old valve was very sticky and hard to turn. I plumbed in a new one. There are some spacers under cement board to raise the floor.
And the new fireglass setup, pretty cool.
Three of the four Salvador Dali's got framed. Sam is going to post more on them when we get the last one back from the frame shop.
It also was a big weekend for stuff getting delivered. I ran from home on Saturday morning so I could be close when the furniture delivery guys called.
Nera checking out the loveseat. It is charcoal grey and pulls out into a twin bed. You can see it is pulled away from the wall, we fought trim all weekend too.Finally a dining table. It easily seats 8, 10 with the leaf in.
I installed trim and Sam got the not fun job of caulking my gaps. Really, it is the crooked walls.
We ordered some very cool patio furniture this evening. Well at least chairs and a small table. They should arrive in a couple weeks. This is starting to look like a house.

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