Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is there a hole in my pocket? No! It's a Homes Tour!

With the KC Modern Homes Tour fast approaching, we finally bit the bullet and made some furniture purchases we've been putting off. Add that to the Salvador Dali prints we just took in to be framed and the fireplace glass we ordered, out pocketbook feels pretty light. It's a sacrifice we're willing to make to have real furniture in our rooms and our artwork on the walls instead of in the closet.

Here's the dining room table we ordered. Studio Build is making a set of chairs for us. Now if we have people over for dinner, they don't have to sit on folding chairs and eat off a card table! We're so high class.

We also purchased a love seat that I'm really excited about. It's European sized, so only 4' long, but it also has a pull-out twin bed. Just one more option for visiting family, or guests who may have imbibed too much at one of the Roe Circle shindigs.

John continues to work on the bed and I have been toiling away painting and touching up the paint. Trim is this weekend, followed by more touching up. The front door light needs to be installed and one kitchen light changed out. The art should be ready in another week. The fireplace glass should show up anytime after Saturday and the furniture should be here in a week or two. If we can get the trim installed, caulked and painted, the house will almost be complete!

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