Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thomas Edison would be so proud

The weather this weekend was gorgeous. The humidity was low and temps were is the low 80's. We opened up the house and spent as much time outside as possible. We put in a few miles Saturday morning and then worked, worked, worked. Saturday night (starting on Thursday) I made pulled pork and hung out with friends. It is nice having the kitchen and dining room into usable conditions. Sam installed and caulked lots of trim and did a bunch of paint touch ups.
I finished sanding the bed and started putting on polyurethane. I have to go to Louisiana, but that should be done this week.
Sam and Nera both enjoy looking out through the skylights.
Hey look another cool thing that has been packed away for years. This is one of the Murano glass lights from Italy we bought on our honeymoon.
The original version of this one broke in shipping and it took forever for the master to make another. We have three more that will get mounted over the kitchen table.
Wait is that? Yep another light. We have only been in the house a year without a front light. Now we won't fall over the flamingo when coming home.

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