Sunday, August 16, 2009

Checking Some Things off the List

Like any good German we can answer how relaxing a weekend was by the amount of work accomplished. By those standards this was a very relaxing weekend. Friday night Sam made an excellent version of Unos All-American pizza, or at least what we remember from undergrad in Platteville, WI. Saturday I ran 15 miles in the morning and mowed the yard in 8 minutes using our neighbor Eric's new 48-inch stand-up mower, which was awesome. Some trim got installed in the hallway and bathroom, oooooo. Sam got the fireglass ordered for the fireplace and took the Dalis in to get framed. Real artwork is expensive. Sunday we got cinnamon rolls at Dolce and got the kitchen painted. I even managed to cook a citrus chicken with pasta sauce using tomatoes and herbs from the garden.
I borrowed a pocket screw jig from Jerad to put together the bed. The pocket screws are strong and perfect when you can hide them.
Both halves of the bed are together and need to be finished this week. I just set the hairpin legs on to see how they look.
A craigslist purchase. The tulip base will be turned into some sort of table for the patio, more to come later.
I finally got our entryway light put together. We got an industrial shade and built everything else to match the other house lights.
Hey check that out. The white is primer and will get painted the house color, the orange stays. Like our collection of license plates.
While I was working in the garage Sam got the exciting job of cutting in for priming and painting the kitchen, not really.
All the wall are grey except for this one, which needs a second coat but you get the picture.
Look no more beige. The berm and the trees and in full-coverage. You can't see anything from our kitchen right now.
In my spare time I got the drawer fronts mounted on the bathroom vanity. Some work is left to get the straight and flush, but now you can't see our toothbrushes. Since the bathroom was pretty gross I took a couple hours on Sunday and scrubbed it down too.
And we managed to drink a little wine with dinner tonight and catch up on a few old Mad Men episodes. All in all it was a pretty good weekend.

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