Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dog Days

Wow, it was HOT this weekend. Saturday morning Sam ran 18 miles. I was a wimp and slept in a came out later and managed 12. Some college friends were in town and we had Oklahoma Joe's for lunch. We also went a saw GI Joe at the cine-dine theater in downtown KC. That is really the way to go. Big leather seats with speakers in them and waiters for food and beer. Today I spent the entire day in the garage sweating. It was in the 90's in the garage and I probably lost 10 pounds.
Sam picked up new pulls for the kitchen.
I finished polishing and sealing the desk.
This week all of the bed pieces were glued together to get a double thickness. I routed the edge pieces and the headboard.

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Delia said...

That desk looks beautiful. Can't wait to see pictures of the final install.