Friday, September 4, 2009

Already a Good Weekend

I have been slowly working on the bed for the second bedroom. Wednesday night the jute webbing came in and I started attaching the supports. Well, until I blew a couple nails out of the top, SH*T! A couple days worth of repair later and I picked up.
Attaching the webbing.
One half completed
Done but upside down.
The door hinges let me fold it half to get it around the hallway corner and into the bedroom. I reinstalled the legs and the headboard in the room.
Jointing/hinge/leg detail.
All ready for the mattress.
Hey look a bed, the cats haven't been able to crawl under a bed for over a year. Now we will know where to find Nera when she gets scared.
That was more work than I expected, but it looks nice.
This project didn't take much other than a lot of time:
- 2 sheets Baltic birch plywood (with a bunch leftover),
-6 hairpin legs,
-2 headboard supports,
- Polyurethane finish,
A neighbor's table saw, pocket screw jig, and a few screws
My table saw would have never handled those birch sheets so big thanks to Jerad.


jerad said...

Looks Good!

Penelope Maley said...

Hi, stumbled across this post while looking at plans to build my own case study bed... Your's is PERFECT! Did you order the stainless steel legs or the raw steel legs from

John said...

They were the stainless steel verson from We have been very happy with them. They are sturdy and the construction quality is great.