Monday, June 1, 2009

Road Trip

Well another weekend passed without any work getting done on the house. This weekend we were in Northern Illinois for a wedding. 9 hours of driving on Friday and again on Sunday means our brains are mush today.
The other good new is that the truck drama is over. On Memorial Day Sam and I were doing some shopping and stopped by the dealership. Turns out they wanted to buy a car and didn't mind taking a trade on a truck that barely started and had the check engine light on. Here is a picture of me and the new Element at the World's Largest Truck Stop on I-80 in Iowa.
See every bug between hear and Illinois was standing in line to fowl the brand new vehicle. Even my grandma was impressed with that big one in the middle.


Delia said...

Congratulations on your new Element! I have had mine since 2004 and absolutely love it.

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