Thursday, June 4, 2009

If It Wasn't for a Deadline

Nothing would get accomplished. Yesterday Sam reminded me about calling to see if the carpet was in yet. It was and they only had one day in the next couple weeks to install it, next Tuesday. I say OK and as soon as I hung up the phone realized how much work still needed to be done. All of the old carpet and pad had to be ripped out, the fireplace tiling needed to be finished, and all of the doors and closets had to be removed. Oh yeah, I am in DC through this weekend and we leave next Wednesday for Sam's Iron Man 70.3 race in Boise. So she has more important things to worry about this weekend other than tiling. Well I came home from work and really got to work.
The carpet coming out. If I don't get sick today I will be surprised. The amount of dust that came up with the carpet was amazing.
Holy over spray batman, that is partially why we can't have polished concrete floors. There is way too much work required to get back to the concrete.
The fireplace gets a strip of tile and a small landing next to the door out to the deck off of the living room. We ended up getting natural slate at an open box discount from the tile shop.
Jared saw the light on and stopped over to help tile. At least there wasn't any complicated cuts.
Big thanks to Jared who made an emergency run to Lowe's for more thinset when it turned out that the big container I had wasn't enough. I need to seal the tile and grout them on Monday and we are ready for carpet.

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