Saturday, May 23, 2009

One Year on Roe Circle

Well we made it, one year on Roe Circle. I figured it was time to look back through the past year. Sometimes it seems like we aren't making any progress, but looking at all the pictures, we have done a pretty good job.
A construction picture from the spring of 1950.
The same shot the afternoon we closed last May.
The patio a year ago.
The view of the circle about a year ago.

A file photo. The sliders were closed to the kitchen.
The version when we bought. The second bedroom and the bathroom were both pretty small.
Sam drywalling the new larger bathroom.
Original living room.
The living room/bathroom now.Original master bedroom. The wall got moved one window this direction to even up space between the two rooms.
Missing a wall during demo.The newly sized master bedroom and storage.
Framing the new closet in the second bedroom.
Finished closet.The original bathroom. There wasn't even enough space to take a picture in there.
Finding space.
Looking bigger.
New shower.
The bathroom now.
We have some work to go to finish this phase of the renovation but things are close. Although we could have finished earlier, we took time out to drink a few beers with the neighbors and have some fun. If the past year has been any indication, this summer and next year will be a blast. We've got plenty of beverages in the fridge so stop over. Happy Summer everybody!


Delia said...

Happy 1st House Birthday! The old photos are interesting. Were the original sliders removed and replaced with drywall? Do you have plans to bring the sliders back?

Abbie said...

Wow, thanks for the pictures!!

Sam said...

The previous owner gutted the house about 15 years ago. At the time, he didn't know much about the architecture. He put in new plumbing, insulation, and drywall including the ceilings upstairs and around the beams. The whole house was beige with black appliances and white trim.

The bad part is that we lost the sliders, and the tongue and groove planks are only visible in the kitchen. But the original owners had painted the ceiling upstairs, so that wasn't really a loss.

The good thing is that our house is better insulated (roof too), the lights are all recessed between the beams and the house is basically 15 years old. But some features, like the sliders, we can't easily replace. I do like the boxed in beams and how open the hallway is with just railing and no wall. And other than the kitchen - the beige is gone!