Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today is the Day

Oh, it's so nice to have carpet. Today is the day we had the carpet installed. Nera helped pack everything into the dining room.
A putting green.
We had Mohawk Smart Strand carpet installed. It is a plastic produced from corn starch without harsh chemicals.
I think they like it better than the exposed subfloor.
Today we had some pretty big rains. The creek was as high as it has been since we moved in, but still well below the channel wall.
Also, an airstream moved into the yard next door. Mark is getting close to putting the house next door back together.
Yep, the patio turned into a swimming pool.
The current view of the red house. There currently is only one standing wall. They dropped off all of the wood for framing today before the rain, ooops. We currently have two houses on the circle under construction. This place will be pretty nice when everything's finished.

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