Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An Anniversary Shag

A few months ago I was at a very boring conference stealing lobby internet and surfing the net to keep my mind off of the droning at the front of the room. The topic was probably something interesting like "Effect of Yield Stress Modifiers on the Rheology of Self-Consolidating Concrete." I stumbled across the Shag, aka Josh Agle, website and started looking through. I found an interesting show he put on in 2005 called LA by Day/by Night. Shag releases a dozen or so of the prints each year in very limited numbers at the Shagmart, 150-250 only.Turns out that The Secret Cul-de-Sac was released the morning I was at the conference, coincidence I think not. Anyway I picked it up and gave it to Sam for for our two year anniversary. It will probably go in the hallway.
It hasn't been released yet, but here is the night version of the print. I haven't heard the plan for this one and will have to pick it up whenever it goes on sale.
These houses don't have much wall space and I think we have maxed out the unhung artwork. I need to stop buying and get a few hung.

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