Sunday, May 3, 2009


Nice weather and we are coming up on the one year mark, so there is some motivation to get things done. Today I managed to get the last slurry coat on the fireplace. Not that it has been that much work but the last few weeks of the semester have been busy. I also seeded the weed lot we call a back yard. Since Eric tackled the same thing when he moved in, I am following his advice. Stay tuned to see if grass triumphs over weeds.
My battle over weeds is nothing in comparison to Sam's battle over the beige scourge that is our walls and floor. She got a few more sections primed today, Portland helped.
What you can't see is an interesting rig to support the ladder and reach the high part of the vaulted ceiling.
Now that we have plants it is time to get the garden in. See the small turned part? That was enough to convince me to rent a rototiller, next weekend's project.
Another ugly project that needs work. I started replacing pavers left from removing the grasses on the patio.
This is as far as I made it before the grill and beer called me. Good thing we have an endless supply of pavers next door that Mark isn't going to use.

Jerad grilled and we dropped tiredly into a lawn chair tonight. So soon we will be able to take it easy one of these weekends.

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