Monday, March 30, 2009

A much needed vacation (Part 1)

Last week for spring break we took a much needed vacation to London and Paris. The timing wasn't ideal for great weather but the tickets were free, so off we went. It was good to take a break out of email and phone contact.
Monkeying around with the scales at the airport.
Some coffee to help with jetlag. The British are great, breakfast consists of chocolate muffins or baked beans and grilled tomatoes. They make up for breakfast with beer, mmm.It was sunny when we arrived but still in the 40's.
The flowers make it look warmer than it actually was.
Buckingham palace. The G20 meeting is in London this week so the queen was out. The hallway of our very mod hotel. The seating area in the lobby was large chess pieces and giant gold teeth.
The room had mood lighting. The desk top lit up too.
And green
Sam enjoying a few minutes of sunshine.
Piccadilly Circus
I don't know if I should be happy or sad. The bakery at Harrods is fantastic, and they put in a Krispy Kreme.
Rainy weather.
"Modern art" at the Tate modern museum.
Sam trying it too.
I don't get it. Those beds were an exhibit too.
Big Ben at night.
The Chihuly at the V+A museum.
Yeah, I was there. Since it was cold and rainy we only took a few pictures and neither of us seemed to be in the picture mood after getting soaked a couple times. The millennium bridge looking towards St. Paul's.
The tower bridge.
London city hall, very cool. This is currently the most green building in London. It is an offset egg to provide shade to lower floors.
Tower bridge again. We went to see the crown jewels at the tower.Sam sleeping at 200 mph on the bullet train to Paris.
Chuck running at an incredible rate of speed.

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