Friday, April 3, 2009

A much needed vacation (Part 2)

London's two greenest buildings, City Hall and the Gerkin (looks like a pickle in the background).
St. Pancras station in London. The old Waterloo station remodeled for the Eurostar trains.
The view of Paris from Mont Martre.
Many of the metro stops have original art deco entrances.
The Moulin Rouge. This area is a little seedy in the day so no we did not see a show.
Sam on the steps.
Sacre Coeur
Sam at the Sear's tower.

Very climbable.
The view of Paris from our hotel. It was pretty grey.

The rose window at Notre Dame.
Carnaby Street in London. This was the hippie center during the 60's. It has been turned into a high end shopping area.
It is true.At Paddington Station.
Meeting a new friend. Hey look, another Krispy Kreme.

Enjoying a beverage with the locals.
Time for another.Sam at the airport enjoying a British past time, queuing. This is 30 minutes before we boarded the plane, they were already lining up.
Coming home to springtime.

I don't speak much french, just enough to spend money.

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