Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm Exhausted, Time to Go Back to Work

We picked up this morning where we left it last night. I finished sanding drywall and then Sam started priming and painting. We no longer have any exposed drywall!
This was supposed to be an accent wall, but it turned out much darker and greener than we hoped. It just keep drying darker and darker.
Sam ran to Home Depot and got another lighter paint. The other walls will be a dusty blue. This wall will be partially covered with the head board and Sam is going to paint a graphic behind.While Sam was painting I decided to get working on the fireplace surround. Here is another location with the same beige tile with pink grout. Since we will be getting new carpet in the living room too, it is a good time to rip this out.
My hands were only bleeding a little bit from the tile shards.
Not pretty but all gone.
Originally the fireplace surrounds were brick. Ours had been covered with cement board and then the beige tile glued on with construction adhesive. At least the rough surface will give the concrete something to bond to.
While we were on a roll I managed to pretty much finish the concrete mold.
The new fireplace surround will be charcoal colored concrete. I made the mold a little wider and taller than the original to better balance the big fireplace opening.

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Delia said...

Neat! I can't wait to see the finished fireplace surround.