Saturday, June 7, 2008

Whistle While You Work

Well Saturday morning started with me mowing the lawn while Sam went on a 50 mile bike ride. Since it was 30 mph winds I think I got the better end of that deal. Everything looks good on the circle. We spent Saturday installing drywall and paneling in the bathroom to get closer to finishing the tub.
Boy, that's an odd pattern for woodpeckers. Me starting to drill holes for the bath vent fan.
Things rarely go this smooth but it installed just like the directions said.
Doesn't look too bad from the outside. Eventually it will get painted the same color as the house. Notice the sheet out the window. Sam removed the window to "restore" it, really that means she gets to suck down 50 years of lead paint.
Vent mounted, insulation completed, and birch paneling installed to cover the ductwork. The bathroom is starting to come together.
A shot of the bathroom from the living room. All of the ceiling is drywalled, yippee! My shoulders couldn't do anymore if I wanted to.
The garage is a mess. I am going to epoxy the floor once this whole bathroom thing is over.
So there really was wood underneath all of that paint. We now know that the house started a puke green color and had been yellow and red at various points in time. The reed glass is original and most of the other houses have replaced it by now. It will get repainted and reinstalled with new hardware, ready for another 50 years.
I only worked so long today before this biker mama distracted me and I had to get some beer.
Tomorrow is going to be hot, if we weren't missing a window I might turn on the air. Well I might anyway. Tune in at the same bat time to the same bat channel to see if our two heroes get out of this alive!

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