Friday, June 20, 2008

One last rehash

John, I swear after this, no more race talk (fingers crosesd behind my back). They posted race photos, which some turned out great, and they posted final splits.
Overall Time and rank: 5:52:01 20/51
Swim 43:53 24/51
T1 2:11
Bike 3:06:00 15/51
T2 2:20
Run 1:57:37 20/51 (run was only 11 miles if you're calculating pace)
Using my run time, had I been able to finish, it would have been 6:14:28. 6:30 was my goal.
It looks like I know what I'm doing! Their photographers were great - easy to see and out of the way.

I was just informed the course was closed and I would not be finishing.
I think this photo is so appropriate and says it all: eyes closed, shoulders slumped, exhausted, barely holding the "finishers" medal.
They sent out an email saying we can register for next year at the early bird price of $175! Act now!! Yeah right. I'm going to hold out for the Barclays North Ironman 70.3 at Lake Stevens WA next July. And now, back to the house.

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