Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm so blue

Here are some pictures from yesterday. I took off work in the morning to fill out lots of paperwork at UMKC. After that I almost finished mounting the tile backer board and then started cutting pieces for the bathroom vanity. With the tile backer on it is starting to look better, a little like the smurf bathroom, but better.
Almost completed on the other side. This stuff is different, it isn't cement board and isn't drywall but very stiff.
Our tub. The bath fan is really quiet so good thing it is wired into the light over the shower or we wouldn't even know it was on.
Next weekend is Sam's big race and not much work will get accomplished. The weekend after that is for tiling the shower. Things aren't completely going in order but the shower is highest priority. Official move in date is fast approaching.

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