Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mud, Tile, and Tired

Saturday morning started doing the dirty duo adventure race. It was a 6 mile course that alternated biking and running with obstacles at each transition. There were over 300 people in the race and the coed division was the largest, which WE WON! They had some pretty good schwag for winning so getting started on the house late was worth it.
The last obstacle was a giant mud pit you had to crawl across together on your stomach and run to the finish.
Ok, now on to house stuff. It was 2pm by the time we started tiling so it made for a very long night. The tiles seem to change color depending on the light and what color they are reflecting. We started by tiling the wall by the toilet for practice.
I put in the big sheets and Sam cut the detail tiles on the tile saw.
End of the night (or early morning) shot of the tub. Last week we changed our minds and decided to tile a little more area and had to order some more tiles. We used up everything with only a little left to go.
Things left to tile, inside of the shampoo box, inside of the window, above the shower.
There was a party going on next door so around 11pm we gave a tour to some visitors which was a nice time for a beer break.

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