Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In Like a Lamb

With Sam studying for her structural engineering test and me with class and traveling, nothing much is doing on the home front. I am being very diligent about seed starting so hopefully we get some more production from the garden. A few early things were started a month ago but the bulk of the starting happened this weekend. The peas are in root trainers and the rest of the seeds went into coconut fiber mulch. About half of the flats are vegetables and the rest are flowers. We are trying out one of the beds for cut flowers this year. The cucumbers were very eager to get going. These were last year's seeds that produced loads of cukes. I took this picture in the morning, by the time I got home they were pushing against the lid. Last summer we planted three plants, this year the plan is 12. I have a feeling that pickles will be in everyone's christmas presents next year.
March 1st, the month old babies spent the first day out in the hoop house. This bunch has lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, mustard greens, green onions, and small regular onions, along with a few herbs. Maybe next weekend I will get around to planting this bunch. I need to pick up a lightbulb before they stay out overnight just in case it gets cold.
Last fall we cut down a load of trees shading the garden. With the increased sunlight I figured a sixth bed was in order. After work today I hauled dirt and amended the newest hoop house. The first hoop house has pvc mounts to the frame, for this one I got lazy and just stuck
everything into the ground. Hey my lack of effort paid off, it works just as well and can be removed whenever. I will probably de-engineer the first one also. The front half of this bed is scheduled for about 80 pea plants in a month and I will need to construct some supports. I am thinking pvc and netting. Thanks to everyone that has donated. Sam got to $1000 pretty easily and tonight is going pink. It looks like $2000 won't be much of a problem and she will end up bald on the 12th.

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