Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pink and Done!

This weekend was Kelly's Party. It was pretty easy to spot with all the pink-haired people milling around! The total raised from going pink and bald was $2140 as of today!

Kelly went first, followed by her dad, brother, and several other relatives. Actually, she just shaved off the top at first.

I went under the clippers a little later.

I went for the mohawk first. I thought I might as well take advantage of a unique situation and go with a unique haircut.

That's a pink mohawk!!
Towards the end of the night, Kelly shaved it all off.

I love this girl. As if the pink mohawk didn't say that already.

This was the pile of hair at the end of the night. This brings whole new meaning to "Locks of Love".
Here's a fairly odd couple. John came straight from a school function, still in his suit.

John being attacked, I mean, hugged by Kelly. Don't let him fool you, he enjoyed it.

There was a random guy we met who was at the bar. He was so inspired by everyone that he came down for a mohawk and his family even donated!

All of the girls at the end of the night. I love this picture. Shelley sold her amazing granola and for the last month, she donated $3 from each bag to the cause. Her total: over $200! That's a lot of granola!

Here was the bald group at the end of the night. Clearly, there are a lot of people who care about Kelly!

I kept the mohawk until Monday. Kelly came over and helped me finish off the mohawk. First, we cut off the last of the pink. Hmm, that is an "interesting" look.

All gone! It's going to take a little getting used to. My head gets cold pretty easy, but it is much faster to get ready in the morning.

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