Sunday, March 20, 2011

Peas Please

Can you believe we hit 80 degrees in March. It was a great weekend to work outside getting the yard and garden cleaned up. Some garden items are running ahead of schedule like the peas and garlic, and some is moving slowly like the greens.
Garlic is already hand high.
I started about a hundred peas in root trainers the first of march. After three weeks they are busting at the seams. Bed size currently has onions in half and peas scheduled for the other.
Root trainers are pretty easy to use and produce deep roots. Since transplanting the onions was kind of a pain so I might be using these next year.
I built a modular PVC system to use as a trellis. As the peas grow a can add another level to keep them supported. When it gets warmer the pvc hoops will be removed.
The peas aren't quite tall enough yet to reach the trellis. I think by the middle of this week they will be hanging.

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