Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let's Talk About Your Priorities

Because if you weren't at the Beer Kitchen on Tuesday, we have a problem. Tuesday, besides Mardi Gras, was all hands on deck for Boulevard and Christopher Elbow's chocolate ale. Ok, a little back story. The San Francisco/Kansas City chocolatier Christopher Elbow teamed up with Boulevard to produce a very limited run of chocolate ale, released on Valentine's Day. It was a huge hit and sold out immediately. Well, as these things go Boulevard had a few more kegs than they let on and have been strategically releasing the remaining few. So thanks to the Kansas City beer blog for posting the good word, the Beer Kitchen in Westport had what might be the last four kegs. This week at 6pm they were tapping the last four kegs Monday through Thursday. The Monday opening was kind of a disaster with way too many people. Word went out Tuesday that tickets would be issued starting at 5 for the tapping at 6. This is serious stuff and I put out the call, meet at the beer kitchen at 5 or before. Luckily our friends have their priorities in order and most showed up between 4:50 and 5:00. We all got tickets and it was well worth the wait.
Sam, pink hair in all it's glory enjoying her first taste.
My ticket to the show.
It had a strong smell of dark chocolate and less chocolate in the taste. Overall, very good, very unique, delicious, and well worth the trouble.
That's right, like you were taught in chemistry. Waft that chocolate.
Hey, camera phones aren't that good. But you can almost taste it.
My excellent camera skill, from the third grade academy.
Shelley selling granola to the waitress. Although the waitress was a little upset that ur bacon me crazy was all gone. Come to think of it, since Shelley has been making bacon granola she does smell better.

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