Sunday, July 4, 2010

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

We made it back from Italy. Those pictures will be coming soon. In the meantime here is a garden update. Before we left I had to buy 8 foot tomato stakes because the tomatoes had become way too big for the big cages. This theme is similar to last year, except I had them in little cages and they went horizontal into a giant unproductive mess. Here is me on a stepstool standing them up.
Here everything is the second of July when we got back. Yep, the tomatoes are taller than the garage roof. Most of them are taller than the 8 ft stakes. We are situated right on the creek bend and the yard is good black dirt.
Last night we sacrificed a few Romas and made fried green tomatoes, which turned out really well.
The Mr. Stripeys are looking good too.
I picked peas, beans, radishes, and lots of basil.
At this rate I will be getting on the roof to pick cucumbers.
The bees and spiders are everywhere in the garden. Surprisingly we are free of bugs other than a few slugs.
The peppers are the size of normal tomatoes. I picked the first jalapeno yesterday.
The beats and leeks will be pretty much crowed out by the summer squash. That's fine since they were a late addition to fill some space, I thought. The basil is doing well and the carrots are looking big.
All in all the raised beds are working out as advertised.

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