Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Italy 2010 - Portonovo

Bad Luck Chuck was all packed up and ready for our trip to Portonovo, a small area south of Ancona on the east coast of Italy.

He also found our stash of homemade granola our friend Shelley made for us.

We had a room with a balcony at a very hotel. Portonovo isn't even a town. There are three hotels, about six restaurants and a convenience store.

Monte Conero was diectly behind the hotel. There was a national park with a huge system of trails on Monte Conero. Unfortunately, there was an impenetrable nature preserve between us and the trails. We had to take a bus around the mountain to access the trails.

A view from the top of Monte Conero. We did find a nice trail and hiked up one afternoon.
Along the trail, we found a bar. Decisions, decisions.

We figured we hiked 8-10 miles with a 500 meter elevation gain.

We found Chuck back at the hotel...

It wasn't exactly white sand beaches. More like white rocks. But we made due.
John bought himself a new swimsuit to fit in with the locals. Who wears short shorts? It would have been fine except he forgot to put sunscreen on the parts that haven't seen the sun in a while. He was a little pink.

You get pretty good at readjusting the rocks for the most comfortable position.

Is that the Jolly Rodger I see??

Clear, blue water. The rocks made it a little difficult to get into and out of the water. It was slippery, to say the least.

I also bought a new suit and the "European cut" exposed a little of my white rear-end that also burned. But not nearly as bad as John's.

We had plenty of time on the beach.

The view didn't change much.

We did find a few workers and decided they're the model for John's new summer dress code.

Chuck always finds the ladies.

We ate at a Mediterranean susci restaurant. It was by far the best meal of the trip.

We spent half a day in Rome.

The Coliseum.
Me, trying to get gum off my shoes. Damn tourists.

Palatine Hill. Obelisk outside the Pantheon.

Spanish Steps.

On our way out of the airport, we found these: Pocket Espresso, from the same company that makes Pocket Coffee.

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