Monday, April 20, 2009

Never Buy a GMC Vehicle!

Here is the latest in the on-going saga of my truck. Thursday night everything is running fine. Friday morning it starts very hard, the check engine light comes on, and it sputters on the way to work. Saturday, same as Friday. I take it in to the dealership again this morning. Keep in mind it has been in for new brakes, alternator, radiator, knock sensor, and transmission over the past two months. That on top of leaving us stranded out of town twice in the past couple months. Late in the afternoon they call back and tell me it had 7 engine codes come up in the computer. Seven! I am pretty sure there are only 7 parts on that truck I haven't replaced. So I ask how much to fix it this time? The response, "well we have to replace your catalytic converters to a tune of $900 BEFORE we can figure out what is wrong with the engine." Needless to say this is the last I am dealing with GM. Anybody in the market for a very clean 2000 GMC Sonoma lawn ornament with 70,000 miles. It doesn't run but has lots of shiny new parts.

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