Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free State Race Report

Last Saturday was the Free State Trail Race at Clinton Lake in Lawrence sponsored by the KC Trail Nerds. Sam and I got up bright and early to get there for the 7 am start. It had been in the 80's a few previous days and we hadn't yet adjusted to the heat. Luckily it stayed around 80 and was overcast for our entire race. There were three different distances 26, 40, and 62 miles. Sam and I did the 40 mile, our longest race to date. The Clinton Lake trails are very runable, rolling hills with a few rocks. Considering the rain we had been having lately the course was pretty dry. We got through the first 20 miles in about 5 hours feeling pretty good. The second lap we must have picked up the pace (or just got less slow) because we started passing people. During trail races you really run against yourself, but at 30 miles in it does help the motivation to shuffle past someone else. Pulling into the finish.

We ended up finishing in 8 hours 9 minutes. Sam took second place for women. Considering the distance we both were in pretty good shape at the end. As usual for Trail Nerd races, Free State was well-marked, had good aid stations, had a very nice shirt, and good medals. The bonus was a warm yet slightly breezy and overcast day. Dick Ross of See KC Run provided the pictures and hung around for the whole day, well at least until the tornadoes showed up.
Only thing with finishing a 40 miler in good shape is that now we are in striking distance of a 50 miler.

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