Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter from Roe Circle

With the weather warming up, we are starting to have regular house things to do along with trying to get the first phase finished up. Friday and Saturday we had dinner with the other circle folk and enjoyed the nice weather. A few too many drinks on Friday night meant Saturday morning's 20 mile run was a little sluggish. Both Sam and I have a 40 mile race coming up in two weeks so even a sluggish run has to happen.
This week the contractor started demoing the red house across the circle and now we can see their living room through what used to be the garage. We saw the plans at a city meeting a couple months ago and the renovation will be nice and true to the style. It keeps the original house and adds a garage and master suite. When finished it will be going up for sale if anyone is in the market.
In between running errands and cleaning we did get a little work done. We pulled out the IKEA headboard that I purchased last summer and Sam got it sanded down and covered in the first coat of paint. The raw pine boards will be a black/brown to match the other things in the master.
Sam kept working on the growing silver tree in the bedroom.
I finished prepping the fireplace surround. Hopefully we can get that placed next weekend. After work I have been tweaking my concrete mixture recipe and getting close. Once this is done I have a few other concrete projects on the books. We need a firepit, table, and some benches for the patio. As you can see I had all the help I could handle. Although a few extra thumbs would be nice.
Here is a mock up of one of the inset pieces for the sink. I can't even imagine the vanity with drawer fronts, what a concept.
A few links to check out. The KC Modern house tour this year is going to be Runnells' homes probably ending at the circle.
A very interesting book with our neighbor Eric's house on the cover. If you look at the second page there is a diagram of the nine Revere Homes around the circle.

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