Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's too hot

Sunday started a little later than we wanted due some festivities over at Jared's saturday night. Once we got going it was a productive but hot day. Trying to work with the cats around has been interesting. They are filthy. Hmmm paw prints in fresh paint, I guess it could be worse.
We haven't gotten around to cleaning the fireplace. Portland's feet are black.Sam continued hand-sanding the door. It is looking pretty good but the other half hasn't even started.
The bathroom vanity after pulling off the clamps and cutting holes for sink access.
John spent the day 1. sanding drywall compound, 2. spray texturing the walls, and 3. painting. We had to turn the air off and open the house to get some fresh air in. Today was in the mid-90's and painting in a hot house is not fun.This evening we mounted the vanity light. Boy it is starting to look like a bathroom.
Here is one of the last shots of the bathroom from the living room. Now that everything is painted the glass panels can go up.
John moves in for good on Thursday so there is no excuses for not getting work done now.


Jorge said...

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Tema arduo e interesante.
Seguro será de tu agrado.
Te invitamos que leas lo que gustes de él y hagas una opinión sobre el mismo.
Tu aporte será valioso.
Un abrazo desde la Argentina.

Samantha and John said...

Huh? Umm, let's see...

No hablamos espanol.