Monday, July 7, 2008

2008 Psycho Psummer Race Report

Saturday July 5th I did the psycho psummer trail race sponsored by the KC trail nerds. The options were 15 miles or 50 k (31 miles), I did the "short" run. The course was very steep hills and muddy sections. I managed to loose a contact in the first mile so miles 2-5 I ran really close behind other runners since my depth perception was challenged. About mile 5 I noticed the contact stuck to my shoulder, crusty but intact. I popped it in my mouth, back in my eye, and I was back in the race. Once I was seeing again no one passed me the rest of the race. Overall this was probably the most fun I have had at a race, the trail was interesting, temps were good with shade, and the aid stations were well equipped. I ended up finishing in 2:58 and 22nd out of 51 for the men. Although I am sore, maybe next year I will try the longer event.

There were only a few presents left from the horses which gave the mud an interesting texture.
This was more of a flatter section. I didn't fall down or up any hills which means next time I should go faster.
I lightly sprained my ankle near the end but still managed to pass a few people. What you can't see in this picture it that I am covered in mud from mid-thigh down.

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