Thursday, July 24, 2008

It was bound to happen

Last week, after a long day at work, I came home for a quick run and then met some friends out for a drink. I grabbed my purse and keys, turned the lock and left. I got home about 11, shut the garage door, reached for my keys and realized my house key was sitting on the counter where I left it after my run. Damn. I called John and he called a 24-hour lock service. About 2 hours later he finally showed up. He couldn't get the door unlocked so he had to drill the lock. At 1:10 am and $120 later, I finally went to bed. Too much excitement for a Thursday night.

Last weekend we finally picked out our floor tile and I ordered it on Monday. It won't be in until next Tuesday, so there's at least one more week of blue flooring.

This week I have spent my evenings sanding and priming the bathroom. You can see a few areas on the ceiling I had to resand and re-mud after I put the primer on. Don't get me started on drywall tape. I may poke your eye out.

It's actually starting to look like a room now. I have to reprime everywhere I sanded and the beams need another coat as well. I bought heavy-duty primer that seals in stains for the beams. After 2 coats of primer, they're still yellow. Hopefully this stuff does the trick. I would guess by the end of the weekend we'll have some real progress made.

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