Saturday, August 2, 2008

Still too hot

Well, John is in KC for good now. Friday morning most of the glass panels got installed. The glass panels were recycled pieces from 3-form. One side is frosted and the other clear with recycled crushed clear glass pieces inside.
The top trim piece didn't fit just right so I am making a new one. At least you can't see the shower from the front door. Once we get the door on it will be like a real room.
Sam started working on refinishing the other side of the salvaged door. It was over 90 in the garage and even hotter outside so not much work got done this afternoon. We did a little weeding in the yard and I saw a HUGE snake, at least five feet long. Since we've chase a chipmunk out of the garage a couple times lately, the snake gets to stay.
The birch wall also got sanded and stained. The color really warmed up the bathroom.
We didn't work on tile today but here are a couple sitting on the floor. Tomorrow we are going to try and get the bathroom floor tiled.

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