Monday, June 20, 2011

A Great Weekend in San Francisco Day 2

Last Saturday was a fantastic and busy day in the bay. The day began early with some sightseeing and ended up with Dispatch at the Greek Theater at UC Berkeley.

It was pretty foggy most of the time with patches of sun.
We toured the Japanese garden at Golden Gate Park. It is the largest Japanese garden outside of Japan and worth seeing.

It was originally well planned and has ended up with lots of other Asian influences over the years. Here is a zen garden.

The pagoda is leftover from the Asian exposition.

We stopped by the Ferry terminal building to grab some breakfast. It is full of all kinds of local foods. Saturday morning has one of the best farmer's markets ever. We grabbed an egg sandwich at the cowgirl creamery.

MMMMM so good.

Great farmer's market.

We watched some traffic on Lombard.

Still sunny.

Then we swung by pier 39 to watch the sea lions.

And onto UC Berkeley. It's funny because the campus looks a lot like Iowa State's since they were designed by the same person.

And the reason we were in San Francisco. Dispatch hasn't gone on tour in 11 years and hasn't really played together since the last dispatch in 2004. When they announced the tour we tried to get tickets as they opened across the country. Everything sold out before I could get tickets until California. The Greek Theater at Berkeley is a great venue.

I set up to take the best picture ever, and it was spoiled by some bystander.

We got great seats.

We brought the good camera and the big lens took some great pictures in the dark.

They played the encore from the lawn in the back, we were very close.

Best concert ever.

The setlist was amazing, they played 21 songs.

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