Monday, June 27, 2011

End of June Garden Update

Things in the garden are going well, like the lettuce. Things in the garden aren't going so well, like the tomatoes. This will end up being a really light year for tomatoes. Between the plants getting sick and the squirrels eating the green tomatoes we might not get any.

I was planning on harvesting the garlic on 4th of July but they were looking brown and the peppers needed more sun. 45 heads of garlic later we are in business. I roasted all of them on Sunday. Some got used in soup and the rest frozen for later. I went through and thinned a couple carrots. I only planted atomic red, and boy are they red.

The peppers are doing well. They are happy to have the garlic out and now can get full sun.

Once again the cucumbers are doing great. Both kinds have reached the gutter. There are lots of little babies on the eating cucumbers and probably a 1000 on the mexican sour gherkins. I hope those are good.

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Daphne said...

I keep waiting for my garlic to be ready. Not yet. It might not be until the middle of June this year. But we will see.