Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And we were off to such a great start

Well, as soon as the tiki party was over things started falling apart, at least in the yard. Our brand new grass has gotten mold. It is pretty splotchy and some has turned brown and died. I sprayed it down with anti-mold/fungus product and hopefully that will help get ahead of things.

But, the garden is doing so well. I had been watching some of our tomatoes grow funky. They finally got big enough that I could diagnose the problem. Unfortunately the problem is mosaic virus and the solution is getting rid of those plants. So by the light of the moon I was ripping out all of our heirloom tomatoes. Good bye
- moneymaker
- Cherokee purple (2)
- striped German (2)
- Mr stripey

So we are left with two sungold cherry tomatoes in pots along with a way too early. In the ground are three San Marzanos, one sungold cherry, and one way too early.

Between the chipmunks which we are slowly relocating and the various plant distresses, I am getting real tired of trouble-shooting. I am half expecting everything in the yard to be gone when we get back from our trip this next weekend.

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