Monday, February 23, 2009

Rounding a Big Corner

We had a very productive weekend, even considering we were both fighting colds. The living room got slightly rearranged to make some more room. The second bedroom door is hung and most everything from our bedroom has been moved out to sand drywall.
Drywall Sam going to town.
Putting a second coat of mud on.
I did some routine maintenance on the rest of the house. There are lots of little things that have been bothering us, including a couple on the sink. The drain was a little high and not draining perfect so I took it out and ground some material away so it would seat better. While I was at it, the top got resealed and polished.
We should be able to finish drywalling and get the master bedroom primed and painted this week/weekend. That leaves the ugly decision of when to drive to IKEA to pick up Sam's wardrobe. Hmmm, dallas, denver, or chicago all 7-8hrs away. If you want anything let me know and I will fill up the truck while I'm there.


Sam said...

I'm voting for Chicago or Dallas. There is no reason to travel to Texas if it can be avoided.

jerad said...

hmmm.......i'm going to have to look at an ikea catalogue and chip in some gas money I'm afraid.